My name is Jenn, I adore reading, writing, painting miniature models and photography.
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  • Daily Sketch – 3

    Daily Sketch – 3

    I’m still feeling pretty stressed out, ragged and frantic – I’m working through it and these daily sketches are helping. They’re getting me away from the spiralling thoughts and giving me something to focus on. Templars of the fictional variety have always been a comfort zone – drawing their armour and making them all look…

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  • Daily Sketch – 2

    Daily Sketch – 2

    Here’s today’s offering of quick sketches. Major Sethraun from my upcoming book; There’s an Orc in my Court. Here he is looking vexed, as normal! I really need to work on my guns…

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  • Daily Sketch – 1

    Daily Sketch – 1

    It has been forever and a day since I did any drawing.It’s always been there. Nagging. At the back of my mind. Waiting for me to break. Today.I broke. Some things don’t die. They just lay dormant, waiting for you to pick at them again. This Templar looks as shocked as I am! I’m aiming…

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  • Book Haul – 14th Jan

    Book Haul – 14th Jan

    So much for the whole “not getting new books this year” thing. These came into the shop at various points in the last week or so and have managed to make their way home with me. When I’ll get round to them, I don’t know. Especially considering reading isn’t my No. 1 priority right now;…

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  • [Book Review] The Returned – James Swallow

    [Book Review] The Returned – James Swallow

    Title: The ReturnedAuthor: James SwallowPublished by: Black LibraryPublication date: July 1st 2011Genre: Sci-FiPages: 45Format: eBookSource: Private Collection Affiliate Links Buy the Book – Amazon Blurb/Synopsis On the world of Gathis, atop the Ghostmountain, sits the Eyrie, fortress-monastery of the Doom Eagles. Here they memorialise their honoured dead, then forget them. But what to do when one of those dead comes…

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