Daily Sketch – 2

Here’s today’s offering of quick sketches. Major Sethraun from my upcoming book; There’s an Orc in my Court.

Here he is looking vexed, as normal!

I really need to work on my guns…

One response to “Daily Sketch – 2”

  1. Nice sketch, Jenn! 🙂 He doesn’t look a happy bunny! Gun looks fine to me! I think if I was to draw guns or weapons I’d start by trying to understand what the various bits are and what they do and that might help me combine them into a drawing more successfully, particularly as far as scale goes. This evidently doesn’t apply to the individual weapons carried by troops in the WH40K world, since based on the normal laws of physics most of those weapons would be too heavy to carry or generate so much recoil that the firer would be on his or her back with a dislocated shoulder after the first shot! That’s not to say they don’t look impressive though!

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