Daily Sketch – 1

It has been forever and a day since I did any drawing.
It’s always been there. Nagging. At the back of my mind. Waiting for me to break.

I broke.

Some things don’t die. They just lay dormant, waiting for you to pick at them again. This Templar looks as shocked as I am!

I’m aiming to sketch at least one thing a day – just to keep my eyes, heart and mind fresh. I sketch a whole host of things, but Knights, Templars, Redcoats and generally characters with big feet and heads are where the fun is at.

Doing things like this to help get back into the swing of things – even if it is just a morning sketch – should be a good laugh, if nothing else.

I have a heap of outstanding reviews that I shall get to work on as soon as I am feeling up to writing larger bodies of text – I apologise for the prolonged absence.

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